Ghost stories

cutesy creepy voodoo witchyIt’s Halloween!

I personally do not believe in ghosts. I do believe that our minds can play tricks on us. But I still have stories of ghostly-ish encounters anyway, so why not share them on Halloween? ;)

Aside from my own experience, the others were recounted to me verbally maybe ten or more years ago. So all these I’m recalling from memory and cannot guarantee all the details are correct.

I will start with my own experience.

It was already around 4 A.M. when we finished our work on site. It was still dark out and my colleagues have decided to take a cigarette break before heading home. I felt nature calling so I decided to go to the restroom.

The lights were off, but understandably so. There were only very few night shift staff around, as well as security personnel, and most of them were male. So I went ahead and turned on the lights.

To my surprise, there was a woman standing there near the corner. She looked as startled as I was so I apologised. She said, “It’s okay.” After a hard night’s work, my brain was mostly in zombie-mode, so it didn’t really register with me until much later that there’s something weird with this picture. What was she doing there with the lights off?

I went into a cubicle and did my business. Then went to wash my hands on the sink. The woman was still there but she wasn’t doing anything at all, except standing there.

As I was about to leave, walking towards the door, I saw the light switch. I turned to the woman to ask if she wanted the lights off like it was initially.

To my surprise, she was not there anymore. I looked around and all the cubicle doors were open. I couldn’t see her anywhere. So I turned off the lights and left.

Only later when I arrived home did I realise how creepy that really was. Even if she wasn’t a ghost, that was still kind of creepy. 

I may be a skeptic with the supernatural, but a lot of my relatives aren’t, including my mom. Here is a story she has told us of when she and my aunt were still young girls visiting their grandfather who lives in a hut in or near the forest. Their mother and aunt were also with them at the time.

It was early in the morning and they had ventured out into the woods wearing their clothes inside out because their grandfather had said it will prevent them from getting lost. Their grandfather also told them not be too loud or it will disturb the spirits, warning them there are spirits in the forest who leads children astray. 

But at the spot they were playing at, their voices produce echoes. Being kids, they enjoyed shouting out names and hearing the echoes. So they shouted out their mother’s name, their grandfather’s name, their aunt’s name, and each other’s names while running around.

They saw their aunt nearby beckoning them so they followed her. She led them through the forest, always walking ahead of them. When the path they were going through was turning dark and shadowy, they got scared and called for her to stop. But she didn’t stop or turn around, she just kept walking. 

They stopped following and was able to find their way back to the place where they were initially playing. Somewhere around there they saw their aunt conversing with their mother and grandfather. 

They went to her and asked her why she didn’t stop and kept going through the dark scary path. But she said she never went anywhere, she was just there talking with their mother and grandfather the whole time.

The next ones are a series of stories relayed to me by a friend of mine who, at that time, lived in an old house with extended family.

My friend’s neighbour would sometimes be surprised to see her when she gets back from school or work because the neighbour saw a woman with long hair combing her hair by the window of their house, and she thought it was my friend.

She lives with her mother and cousins and none of them would look like that woman. And when she goes into the room where the window was, there was no woman there.

Here is another one:

Sometimes brownouts (no electricity) would occur in the area and her mother had made a rule on what to do during times like these, which is to gather at the living room of the house. So if a brownout occurs, and you’re not in the living room, then you better go to the living room. There they will light candles and just talk and whatever until the electricity comes back.

One such time there was a brownout while her mother was upstairs. So she started calling for everyone to go to the living room, waving her arms about. She felt a boy’s head and told the boy to go to the living room. 

When she herself got to the living room, she eventually found out that everyone had been gathered there even before the brownout, and none of them were upstairs with her at that time.

And here is the last of this series:

One time, my friend was in the office (with me actually) doing overtime. She later called home and told her mother that she will be coming home soon.

Her mother was surprised that she was actually still in the office. Because she was in the bedroom with her nephew when they heard outside the bedroom door someone singing Happy Birthday. It was her nephew’s birthday just recently, though not that day.

They thought it was her. When they opened the door, no one was there but they thought she had just left and went back to her room.

So then when she called them from the office, they realised it wasn’t her after all. 

This very last story was told to me late at night while visiting a friend in the hospital.

Two men were in a lift in the hospital. When the lift opened its doors at a certain floor, there was a young girl wearing a hospital gown about the enter the lift.

One man immediately rushed to press the close button and kept pressing it in panic until the doors closed and the young girl was not able to get in.

As the lift continued to the next floor, the other man asked him why he did not let the girl get in.

He replied, “Did you see the wristband on her wrist? They only put those kinds of wristbands on the dead bodies at the morgue.”

The other man showed him his wrist. “You mean like this?”

He also has the wristband.

And that’s it for my Halloween post. Hope you enjoyed it!




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