I didn’t remember what I told you last
I just knew it wasn’t pretty
But then you died and somehow I
Remember everything completely
And the words I should have said
I remember them exactly
Never thought such simple words
When unspoken could hurt so deeply
And at times the pain’s forgotten
Then I encounter some silly funny thing
That reminds me of the jokes you’ve made
And I remember everything 

 Whispers in offices
 With shady bosses
 Words of such untruth
 Withheld curses
 And awkward pauses
 And trying not to be uncouth
 I'd leave in a second
 But I can't just abandon
 This without a fight
 Do you have an agenda?
 Is it a vendetta?
 You can't pretend this is right
 Don't pretend you're a caretaker
 When you're such a mess-maker
 Your communication is unclear
 Respect is important
 He is my commandant
 He knows my duty here
 I'll do what you want
 It's not what he wants
 And its not what's needed here
 But I'll do what you want
 It's also what I want
 I've already packed my gear 

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Poisoned lips

In fragrant breath

Glassy eyes

And frozen smiles

And marks

Of sudden death

Of feelings

And of blunt


The soul

Is passionless

The heart’s

A bloody mess

The angry mind

Is crying out

Into the nothingness

Of selfish deeds

And selfish creeds

On poisoned lips

Craving trips

Of hushed exile

For kisses on

The demon’s smile

*This poem can also be found in my poetry book What Have You Done to the Angel which was written under Sathepine Marco.

a calm solemn nod

lips in ephemeral smile

her blade reached his guts



zenith of your life

accomplished in the shadows

thank you, unknown spy



midnight shadows dance

swaying to a trance

of mournful peace ’til he appeared

vermillion, crimson, red

a grin inspiring dread

and all the things the shadows feared

A hand held
A shy gaze
A kiss

A love lost
A memory
You miss

You lie awake
And reminisce

For all
You have left
Is a wish

To return to
That long-forgotten


I know
What this is
What you are
And you say
There’s a cure
It won’t scar
But this cure
To the venom
Is a curse
So I’ll try
Just a sip
Just a drip
And we’ll see
If it’s worth
The trip