Indiecember Writing Tag

1 — Nightmare Before Christmas: What’s writing or book release mistake that still haunts you?

For this, I would say the countless acts of editing or revising my prologue and first chapter over and over and over and over and over again without finishing the entire draft first.

IMG_10722 — Rudolph: Do you have any furry writing companions? Bonus points for showing them on film.

I do not have any pets, and I may not be the right person to have pets, but I do have fluffy slippers.

3 — Milk and Cookies: What’s your favorite writer snack? Bonus if it’s milk and cookies.

First of all, I don’t like milk, unless if it’s in coffee. I love coffee. And sometimes I munch on gummy bears while writing.

4 — Elves: Do you have any writing helpers you’d like to shoutout? Emotional support maybe, or a critique partner. Anyone who helps you from the shadows.

I don’t have that many writer friends around me anymore so I would like to give a shoutout to Megan Tennant and her Kitten Coalition for just allowing me to share writer stuff and interact over on Discord. A huge thank you to Jennifer T. Jarett who took the time to critique my outline. She gave some helpful comments and I’m very grateful for her input. Lastly, thank you to my husband who provided treats for every NaNoWriMo milestone I hit.

5 — Sleigh Bells: What music do you listen to while writing?

For my current project, I sometimes listen to ominous, haunting, or sad music to match the tone of my story, which is a dark fantasy story about a necromancer.

6 — Christmas lights: What character would be most likely to use Christmas lights inappropriately. Such as to tie someone up, shock someone, to rig up an explosive, you name it.

There are quite a few of them but if I have to choose, I’ll go with someone named Victoria Aster. She is not a nice person. She is no longer alive though, but is quite significant for the main character’s backstory.

7 — Feast: What’s your favorite food-related scene?

The main character, Claire, has two dinner scenes with her family and I suppose the better one is the first one where everything is just as per normal and nothing has happened yet. The second time they have dinner together as a family, a demon is with them in disguise, and Claire is a bit tense.

8 — Santa Baby: Which of your characters could romance presents out of Santa?

That would have to be a character named Lily who is a healer and a cheerful and nurturing type of person. I imagine she could charm Santa into giving her presents.

9 — Ho Ho Ho: What’s a line or scene that makes you or your readers laugh?

When the main character Claire first meets Zane, the leader of a team of arcane investigators, and also her love interest here, she denies being a necromancer and being a witch in general. But she had already befriended one of his members, who unbeknownst to her, happens to be a ghost. Since ghosts are invisible to non-magical people, Zane is already aware that she is a mage, so she finds herself caught in a lie, and gets a surprise to boot! I don’t know if readers would find that funny but it amuses me.

10 — Santa’s Bag: If you could tell Santa one item that should be given to every writer everywhere, what would it be?

For the modern writer, a cooperative laptop would be ideal, but if Santa’s a little low on funds, a pair of blue light glasses would suffice.

11 — Eggnog: What’s your favorite writerly drink and most importantly, do you ever spike it with alcohol?

Coffee would be my go-to drink for writing and everything else. I haven’t tried spiking it with alcohol but I’m not opposed to it so someday I could.

12 — Holiday parties: Do you have a logline prepared for when someone asks you about your book or do you run and hide?

I do have a logline, although this is not meant for parties. Well, you tell me. Here it goes, my logline for a project titled Claire of the Corpses: After discovering a corpse who warns her of a powerful demon’s arrival, 21-year-old Claire Hazelson is forced to step out of her simple but happy non-magical life to return to the dark practice of necromancy to assist the enigmatic Zane Quentin and his team of arcane investigators in hunting the monster, who hints of a connection to her tragic past, before her former master fulfills his decade-old promise and claims her life. Yup, that’s one loooong sentence that I’m gonna have to improve on at some point.

13 — Santa’s List: How many characters are in the main cast of your most recent WIP or publication?

I have story ideas and a project on hold involving several significant characters, and therefore multiple POVs, but I’m happy to say my current project only has one main character and therefore one POV. It’s quite refreshing for me so I’m a bit proud of myself for that.

14 — Santa’s Coming to Town: Is your protagonist naughty or nice? If you have multiple books or protagonists you can do this for multiple.

Even though my protagonist is quite good in black magic, specifically necromancy, she is actually a nice person.

15 — Wrapping: What character would spend WAY too much time wrapping presents because they want it to look perfect?

Nobody gives anyone presents in the story, but Tristan is kind of a perfectionist so I’ll go with him.

16 — Cutting Down Christmas Trees: Do you edit your manuscript in digital format, or printed out?

For the most part, it will definitely be on my laptop so that means digital.

17 — The Grinch who stole Christmas: Which of your characters is most likely to steal cookies and/or gifts from Santa?

The main character Claire used to have twin younger brothers, Anthony and Arthur. They’re no longer alive though, but they were pretty mischievous.

18 — Blizzard: What’s your favorite weather to write in?

Any weather is fine with me as long as I’m indoors with electricity… and wifi.

19 — Santa’s Beard: Who is your oldest character and around how old are they?

My oldest character is called Darvidor who is an ancient demon. I don’t know how old he is exactly, but he’s ancient.

20 — Gingerbread House: Who is your handiest or craftiest character?

This is tricky because nobody does arts and crafts here. I will probably go with Claire, the main character, because she tries her best to find ways to get things done and may end up thinking outside the box. If I write her well, that is. I am the one who needs to think outside the box!

21 — Snow Angel: Which of your characters is most likely to make a snow angel and which is most likely to be wishing they were on a beach instead?

Beatrice and Christopher, who are caring and loving parents, would probably be the type to enjoy making snow angels. As for characters who would wish to be on a beach instead, probably Trisha, their sixteen-year-old daughter.

22 — Silent Night: What character refuses to talk to you as a writer? Basically, a character who is hard for you to connect with and write for?

There is a character who is not even a major character, who only appears as brief flashes of memory. But she is significant to the protagonist, Claire. Her name is Eleanor. She is a captured angel and was Claire’s only friend in the past. At this point, I don’t know what Eleanor’s backstory is or how she feels about her situation, and because of that, I don’t know her personality and how she would converse with Claire. Because of this, instead of showing a specific conversation they had, I ended up just telling it.

23 — Traditions: What holidays or traditions exist in your story’s world? If you have too many to list, what’s your favorite?

This would not be a holiday or tradition per se, but my main character’s birthday is a pretty big deal to several people.

IMG_107324 — Santa’s Workshop: Show us your writing space or a picture of your writing space. Bonus points if it’s a disaster zone.

I don’t have a specific writing space, but we do have a cozy dining table that I use as a writing space. Here’s a photo!

25 — Naughty or Nice: Which character was on the naughty list but Santa liked them and took them off?

The closest character who would fit this is probably Zane. Claire, the main character, had a negative impression of Fallen Angels, which Zane is, because her father was a Fallen Angel who was cruel and power-hungry. So even though she is attracted to Zane, she doesn’t trust him. Meanwhile, Zane was disapproving of Claire at first, because, well, she lied about being a witch the first time they met, wasn’t keen on helping his team even though it’s for a good cause, and seemed like she was holding back even when she was helping them. Well, their relationship eventually improves and so Zane can rest comfortably in Santa’s nice list.

For more info on the Indiecember Writing Tag, check out Megan Tennant’s video.



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